Saturday, January 31, 2009

blib and blob

I have done 9 blib and blob animations.
They are 2 little blobs, one red (blib), one purple (blib). They have character even though none of their body parts move and that is why I like them so much.
Some of the shorts are on youtube ( 'ratrp'.)

1. house building
2. cowboys (these two were done long before any of the others hence their quality.)
3. magic powers (scripted by a friend along with scateboarders)
4. scateboarders (movments are too big)
5. dinner (done after another long break. It is the one I show people because it's smooth)
6. skiing
7. target shooting (the first one to be done with plasticene but the colour of blob is bad)
8. dragon
9. the quater minute waltz

I might make one more to make a set but I got bored because they don't have arms or legs

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