Saturday, January 31, 2009

clay animation

There are a few points that are really quite useful when you make your first clay animation.

1. Make a small one first. I made the mistake of not doing that and never finished my first one.

2. Make movements that are relative to the size that you see on the camera. This means that if you are doing a close up the movements should be tiny. Where as if you do a long shot the movements can be bigger.

3. Always have artificial lights. Otherwise the sun may go down or you make shadows.

4. Attach the camera to a steady object (i.e. a table, a tripod). This just means that your end product will have few or no jolts.

5. Have a camera that you don't have to click hard to take a photo.

6. If you use a digital camera check the bateries before starting. It is really hard to put new ones in in the middle of an animation without jolting the camera.

7. Get yourself in a quiet room to do an animation. I have done one with very young children around and the animation turned out to be crap.

My youtube acount is 'ratrp'.

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