Saturday, January 31, 2009

hints for model making

I have aquired some useful hints from my own experiance and the book Cracking Animation.
here they are

To make eyes use fimo or du kit or whatever modeling clay you have (as long as it goes hard if you put it in the oven it doesn't matter what brand name it is) and make two white spheres. Put pupils on them. then, with a needle, poke a hole into the pupil. You needn't push it in to far because once you've cooked it you can stick it on you model and then when you want to animate the model's eyes you just stick your needle into the eye and twist it to wherever you want.
It looks very good if you leave the eyes in the oven a bit longer (not to much or you'll melt them) and then when they come out they are all shiny.

to make wooden branches get an pipe cleaner and put hot clue all over it. do this twice or so until you get the desired thickness. on your last go put hot glue in all the cracks len lt it try.paint it with brown paint and the hot gluewill give the rough effect that is on real branches

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