Saturday, April 25, 2009

complicated characters

when i started animating i got some friends around and showed them all my animations and they all liked the worst qulity one: blib and blob(the first i ever made housebuilding). it was because they were simple but still had character. morph works because he is simple and you can relate to him. I made a charater just like morph some time ago and animated him. it was fine but it had no chracter. i was on a bikeride just know and i worked out why. If you have a blob with only eyes the only way to show emotion is through the eyes. but when you have a man with arms and legs and all the rest all of it is used to show emotion. if he is sad his sholders sink, his back bends down, his eyes sink to the ground and his hands slowly sink aswell. what i'm getting at is i was to inexperienced to do all of these at the same time so i devised a way to practice. here it is

you start with a blob with eyes and do the animation below. then you do it again with 1 more feature like a mouth. you give it more and more features and use them all to do the expressions.

he gets given a present he is happy he looks inside and gets sad.

here is a drawing of the stages you could go through. i'm going to do it as soon as possible.

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