Friday, February 20, 2009

lip sync

I have recently tried a lip sinc animation. I just used a very simple yellow blob and made it say 'I am not purple.'
I did a lot of looking in the mirror to decide the sounds. I ended up with 5 mouth shapes, one for rest, one for I and A, one for M and P, one for T and one for N.
Hopefully you can tell which is which.
Then I recorded someone's voice and put it on windows movie maker. I timed each letter in hundreths of a second. Then I did some maths (on 'animation tips' post ) to find out how many frames I needed to take for each letter.
The upper lip is all bad but thats only because the battery on the camera was running out so I had to animate quickly.
The result is here.


  1. Hey man, thats looking good. May I reccomend Papagayo, its a free lip syncing program. Just google it, it's much easier then working it out with maths!

    Also, don't forget to animate between the different mouth shapes, make them change smoothly rather then snappy.

    Well done.


  2. thanks alot. I downloaded papagayo but i can't get it to work. do you think you could tell me how. Also as you have done alot of animation could you show me what mouthshapes you use. i have only once or twice tried lipsyncing

  3. Oh sorry I didnt see that reply - I might do a video or post on how to do lip syncing soon.