Thursday, April 16, 2009

figures of wallace and gromit

A matter of loaf and death was shot at 25fps. It is 29 minutes long and took 7 months (january to July) to animate. There was a team of 14 animators working around the clock on separate sets.
number of minutes: 29
number of photos taken: 43500
days animating: 152 (without weekends)

Nick Park said they produced 1½ to 3 seconds every day but with these figures it shows this:
number of photos each day: 286
number of seconds a day: 11.4

Unless they did a huge amount of retakes it doesn't match what Nick Park said.

If anyone knows how it really happened please do say because i'm confused.


  1. I think it makes sense... Under ideal conditions, with each animator completing 1.5 seconds of animation a day, working 5 days a week for 7 months, you could end up with 49 minutes of animation. But - factor in that some shots would be much more complex, and that lighting and camera setup requires a big chunk of time. If I work for 8 hours, 2-3 of that might be camera/lighting setup. So take away a third of that productivity for setup, and you have 32 minutes footage. Then figure any retakes or cut scenes... it sounds pretty plausable to end with 29 minutes.

  2. yes i see what you mean. Also Ive just found this.
    The shooting of the story took 13-14 animators working full-time over seven months, producing up to three seconds each per day. The whole process involved one year of planning, seven months' shooting and one month post production.

    thankyou very much for replying and giving it some thought

  3. hey but wait. it says that they did at the end of each day get 1.5 seconds so the minusing a third of the productivity is making it only a second a day. I'll do the sums tomorrow on the latest blog