Monday, May 18, 2009

Another lip sync

I just did another lip sync on a caterpillar that I'm intending to o a bigger animation on. He says,"I love a good leaf."
This time I did not use replacement mouths and just adjusted the mouth for different mouth shapes. I did it twice, the second time with more exaggerated mouth movements. This is the one shown here. I don't like the E shape so I'll have to sort out that. Please tell me your opinions and what can be improved (cause I know lots and lots and lots and lots can be).


  1. very cool man!

    I would get a tongein there for the L...
    and make sure you hit th eEEE of leaf.

    I didnt see it when watching.

    great job man.


  2. thanks a lot
    so i should put a tongue in
    I'll try that as soon as possible