Sunday, June 7, 2009

brass man animation

I'm very sorry not to have posted recently but I haven't been doing much animation.
aaanyway I had a talk with my sister recently, who is in England, about adverts on tv nowadays. She said that some popular ones are where there are lots of objects, like coffee beans, that go around and make shapes. Just to butt in that this must have been popular for many years as the first stop motion advert was like that except with matches. Here's a link about it
aaanyway I decided to do a little animation like that with my little brass bullet shell men. These are made from old bullet shells and soldered up to make men and lots of other stuff. if you want to see more look at my other blog
Anyway here is the animation. 12fps. Not very good but it is only a test

My dad sugested that you could start the men in a group and do the animation backwards to make it easier which would be great but I can't reverse movies on windows movie maker. Any ideas?

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