Saturday, July 18, 2009

skiiiiiiiing animaation

Isn't it strange that skiing is the only word that has 2 i s. How do you spell i s. is it spelt eyes? I really don't know and can't be bothered to find out.
Any way I haven't been doing much animation for the last month, mainly because I've been busy making a model steam engine and partly because I've been skiing (there's that word again. Can't get used to typing it). Though while I was skiing I met a pro teachey person who had been skiing for 19 years. She taught me a few thing and I though a really good animation would be a skier. Because there is so much posture and technique involved in skiing it would have to be well researched and it would be a change from walking. I don't think I'm quite up to it but I might try. Also when I was on this holiday I watched an advert on the TV (we don't have one so it was quite novel for us. Oh and we watched a dreadful soap, home and away. That name just means 'somewhere' doesn't it) for pack 'n save. It had a stick figure man holding up fruit and veges on a plain yellow background. Dead simple and dead good. If anyone has seen it here's a question. Could it have been made on pivot stick figure, the animation computer program? I think it could have done.
Sorry nothing much to say but am hoping do make another animation soon.

pivot on this site

By the way it starts downloading straight away. If you don't want to download it look here

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  1. lol at the 'home and away' somewhere comment - really cool that your foray into tv-land included an animated commercial! They're always good inspiration.